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We Work With

The firm provides legal representation focused towards the IT, Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech industries in all aspects of commercial law, from investment agreements, commercial agreements, and M&A to general commercial advice. We have represented companies in the Fintech, AgriTech, IoT, Media, SaaS and internet security sectors, as well as Bio-Tech clients in the pharma and medical device sectors.

Clients of the firm range from individual founders, to angel investors, through to venture capital funds to established companies in the internet and technology sector.

Having worked at some of Israel’s leading law firms, Yossi is used to providing his clients with the highest level of legal representation, with a hands-on approach of guiding his clients through every stage of the transaction.


Our Way

The firm prides itself in gaining an in-depth understanding of each of its client’s needs, with Yossi using his 18 years of legal experience to overcome even the most complex legal challenges faced by his clients. Being a boutique firm specializing in commercial law creates an intimate atmosphere where each client feels they are a significant client of the firm, regardless of their size or legal requirements, and enjoys a high level of trustworthiness and responsiveness.

No two clients are the same, two transactions are the same, and every situation need to be understood from a business and commercial perspective so that the client’s true interests are focused on in order to achieve the best deal for the client.

Yossi Unterman Law Office was awarded the prestigious title of “2014 Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Israel” by GlobalLawExperts.


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