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Our firm’s key areas of expertise are representation of Start-ups, venture capital
investments commercial transactions and general commercial law.

Having extensive experience gleaned from representing start-up and technology companies and founders for more than
18 years, we provide the highest level of legal representation to our clients.

Representation of Start-ups

Over the years, we have provided legal advice to dozens of start up companies and founders, from pre-incorporation, through founders agreements, investments and beyond.

We advise founders in the legal aspects of managing a start-up, what to expect from the investment process and from investors, how best to manage legal risk, and how to identify and manage the substantial legal issues in their commercial agreements.

Commercial Transactions

Whether it’s an intellectual property licensing deal, development contract, distribution or resale agreement or any other commercial agreement, we will guide the client through the process, focusing on their strategic objectives and dealing with legal challengers so that even a 50 page agreement peppered with legal verbiage becomes understandable.

VC Investments

After having weathered the early days of venture capital financings in Israel in the late 1990s, Yossi has represented clients in more than a hundred equity investment rounds, from seed/early stage through to late stage investments. This extensive experience has enabled Yossi to expediently push forward a deal to closure so that the legal process never impedes a deal that both parties desire. Due diligence is thoroughly conducted on target companies, but done expeditiously.

Whether from the investor or client side, our strengths are in providing the client with attention to detail and fast turnaround times so that the dynamic of the deal is pushed forward to completion.

General Commercial
Legal Advice

We provide general commercial legal advice to a range of clients, from Israel and abroad, relating to the Israeli legal landscape including legal opinions relating to the current state of Israeli commercial law.


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